2N IP/Web Relay

WebRelay™ is an electro-mechanical relay with a built in web server. It can be controlled and/or
monitored over any IP network including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks,
and the Internet. Users can operate WebRelay™ using a web browser or a custom application.
Computers, PLCs, or automation controllers may control and monitor WebRelay™ without user
intervention. This works by sending text commands over the network and reading XML status
pages from WebRelay™, or by using Modbus/TCP protocol. WebRelay™ can also be operated by
using the optically isolated input. The optically isolated input can be configured to turn the relay
on/off, pulse the relay, toggle the relay, latch the relay (for alarming), etc. The input can also be
used to control a relay at a remote location or to simply monitor the status of a digital signal.