Public Safety Business Agency QFES Cannon Hill

The Intercom solution proposed was to replace the existing intercom solution was the 2N Intercom solution from 2ENTRY Telecoms PTY LTD. This solution includes an 2N IP Verso door station and 5 answering unit touch screens. The complete solution included supply, programming and installation by a local Brisbane-based Security Installation Company

To provide remote control of the main door entry and activation of the lift, an IP relay device was supplied.

The intercom door station proposed is the 2N IP Verso (with 5 button module). This supports Audio and Video communication with answering unit touch screens and is PoE powered. 3 buttons shall be configured to call Special Ops, BA Hazmat and the Dispatch sections 2N Touch Screens

The touch screen answering unit proposed is the 2N Indoor view (with full screen video) with a 7-inch display. The unit allows the operator to open the main door and activate the lift via soft keys on the display. The units also allow the operators to call the intercom which activates the camera, audio and options to activate door strike and lift