2N Indoor Talk Audio Only

The design of the 2N® Indoor Talk Audio Only answering unit will suit every flat or home. The aesthetic appearance of this product was achieved by using a glass surface and striking backlighting of its icons. However, we placed particular emphasis on selecting the highest-quality audio components in order to achieve a high-quality sound. This means you can talk to visitors outside as if they were standing right next to you. Invite them in and press the icon to open the door from the comfort of your home.

Luxury design and materials
Modification to your requirements
HD quality sound with high volume

Power Supply
Type: 12V DC adapter or PoE 802.3af
Recommended power supply: 12V/1A
Reverse polarity protection: yes
User Interface
Controls: 7 capacitive buttons with RGB LED backlight
Microphone: integrated
Speaker: integrated, 2W
Induction loop output: 600mV RMS
Codecs: G.711, G.729, G.722, L16/16kHz
LAN: 10/100BaseT, RJ-45
Recommended cabling: Cat5e or better
Doorbell Input
Input type: switching contact (button/relay)
Contact type: normally open (NO)
Contact parameters: up to 50V/5mA, DC
Mechanical Parameters
Dimensions (W x H x D): 185 x 128 x 48.2mm
Weight: 387g
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
Relative operating humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
Recommended altitude: 0 to 2000m